Rehoming/Surrendering a Pet

The decision to relinquish your beloved pet is never an easy one. Before you decide to surrender, rehome, or return your dog or cat, please look through the services the SPCA offers to help keep your family companion in your home during difficult times.


SPCA’s Low-Cost Veterinary Services: Click Here

Assistance with Keeping your Pet During Financial Difficulties: Click Here

Behavior Support: Trainer@spcawestchester.org or call (914) 941-2896 ext. 124 or 116.

Moving with Pets: Click Here to find pet friendly housing.


-Self Rehoming for Non-SPCA alumni – Click Here

-Rehoming for SPCA Alumni – Please contact our Dog and Cat Coordinators below for more information.

Dogs: Eileen@spcawestchester.org
Cats: Kasey@spcawestchester.org

Surrendering Your Pet to the SPCA:

While we strive to keep all of our Rescue Center animals healthy with mental and physical stimulation, it can still be an extremely stressful place for animals to live.  We consider this option to be a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted.  Please review all of the information above prior to contacting the SPCA in the event these options help keep your pet in the home.

Submitting a request is not a guarantee that your animal will be accepted into our Rescue Center for adoption. We cannot intake an animal that has significant behavioral issues, a bite history, history of aggression towards humans or other animals into our adoption program. To discuss the process of surrendering your pet(s) please email info@spcawestchester.org