Mend a Friend Fund

Our Mend a Friend Fund helps animals who come to our Rescue Center requiring specialized veterinary care. The Mend a Friend Fund allows the SPCA to help homeless and abused animals in serious need, making it possible for them to receive lifesaving surgery and/or extensive medical treatment. Champ, whose story is below, is just one of many animals who have been saved thanks to supporters who have given generously to support our Mend a Friend Fund.

Our Fighter, Champ

The Mend a Friend Fund was launched in January 2014, when three pit bulls, two adults and a puppy, were seized by police and brought to the SPCA. It was suspected that the dogs had been abandoned in an apartment as they were living in filth and squalor.

The five-month-old puppy had suffered serious blunt force trauma to his head and face, crushing a part of his skull. He had extensive facial wounds that were infected and covered in dead tissue, impairing his vision in the sunken remaining eye.
In the days ahead, Champ, as our staff called him, required pain management, antibiotics, daily anesthesia, wound management and bandage changes. The severe abuse and neglect this puppy endured caused him to suffer terribly. There were many surgeries, the removal of his right eye, facial reconstruction and skin grafts.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Champ was always sweet, responding favorably to the loving attention he received from our SPCA staff. To help us cover the extraordinary costs of Champ’s medical care, we reached out to our community which donated generously to our first Mend a Friend Fund to save Champ. Once recovered, we found him a loving family who cherishes him and gives him all the affection he could ever hope for!