The SPCA’s hours of operation on 5/21 are 1:30 to 3:30 due to an off-site event.

SPCA of Westchester promotes humane animal education.

Humane Education and Kids

Teaching children to be animal advocates centers around topics such as: kindness, compassion, anti-stereotyping, and respect for all living things. Education is the answer to helping kids learn about safety around animals, responsible pet ownership, and prevention of animal abuse or neglect.

Our Humane Education program staff and volunteers provide educational presentations in schools, as well as tours on-site at the SPCA. In addition, we participate in the Westchester County District Attorney’s Taskforce for Humane Education. Programs are tailored specifically to the goals, ages, and needs of the classroom. There is no cost for these programs, but we encourage charitable giving.

Rising Volunteers Program: We have a special volunteer program for young people who are under 18 (between the ages of 10-17).  If you are interested in learning more, please email Lynn@spcawestchester.org or call (914) 941-2896 ext. 126.

Reading to Dogs Program: Children are welcome to visit the SPCA to sharpen their literacy skills and confidence, while providing companionship for the dogs. Kids can select a book to bring with them, or borrow a book from our reading library.

Journaling with Cats: This creative writing exercise stretches the imagination and curiosity of volunteers while helping them observe and learn about cat body language. The cats benefit from having companionship while they remain in their kitty condos.

Homework with a Buddy: Bring that math or English homework with you to the SPCA and work through it with one of our dogs or cats while you sit outside their kennel. They love the companionship, and they can be inspiring too.

Playing an Instrument for an Animal:  Junior Volunteers are encouraged to play an acoustical instrument for the SPCA animals. Again, participants can practice without judgement of their performance, providing them with more confidence in their ability to play, all the while entertaining animals who crave the attention.

SPCA Animal Clubs: We visit classrooms regularly throughout the school year to teach lessons covering topics such as safety around animals, community involvement, responsible pet ownership, kindness to animals, and much more.

SPCA Presentations: We are available to facilitate discussions about a wide variety of topics customized for your group, with a visit to your location – whether it’s a school, library, sports team venue, community group, or company. These presentations could include hands-on activities, examples of how animal interaction reduces stress, arts/crafts, reading stories, or strategies for implementing a “Day of Caring.”

Tours and Field Trips: Bring your class, scout troop, or other group to the SPCA for an educational tour.

School and Scout Projects: Our Humane Education experts are available to be interviewed for college, school or scout troop projects, papers and presentations about animals.

Camp Critter:  Every year the SPCA hosts an annual Camp Critter in the summer for children ages six through twelve. Participants have fun while interacting with animals, learning about rescue, animal care, animal cruelty, and how they can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals.  

Kids, Have your Birthday Party at the SPCA!

Please note, parties are temporarily on hold but should resume shortly.

Set-up and clean-up for your party is provided by the shelter. Prior to the day of the party, please drop off any decorations, plates, napkins, and other serving supplies that you would like to use.

Birthday Menu Options:

Best in Show – You bring the food, beverages and cake. We offer an educational tour, introduce you to the animals, and provide supplies to create dog treats, make cat toys, and enjoy games with prizes.  *A minimum $250 donation.

Top Dog – You bring the food, beverages and cake. We offer an educational tour and introduce you to the animals. We provide supplies to enjoy games with prizes, and either create dog treats or make cat toys. *A minimum $225 donation.

The Cat’s Meow – Enjoy your food, beverages and cake elsewhere, then visit us at the rescue center for an educational tour. Meet the animals and choose to either create dog treats or make cat toys.  *A minimum $200 donation.

Contact Lynn Peters at Lynn@spcawestchester.org or (914) 941-2896, ext. 126 for more details or to arrange your party.