The SPCA will only be open from 2pm-4pm on Saturday, May 18th due to our Dog Walk and Pet Fair event!

SPCA of Westchester has a Foster Care Program

Foster Care

SPCA Westchester is currently recruiting volunteers to act as foster parents to help animals transition between the SPCA and a permanent home. These animals are either too young, need socialization or nursing back to health, or are having trouble adapting to the surroundings of our Rescue Center.

Whether it’s a litter of orphaned kittens who need to be bottle fed or an abused dog who needs TLC to be able to trust people again, foster parents provide a safe environment for these animals to mature, become more socialized or heal from an illness. Potential volunteers must fill out an application. Please contact Eileen@spcawestchester.org to learn more about puppy/dog fostering or Kasey@spcawestchester.org regarding cat/kitten fostering. 

Dog Foster Guide
Cat Foster Guide