We are limiting the number of people inside our Rescue Center. Please call (914) 941-2896 ext. 111 before visiting. Only two family members will be permitted inside at a time. Email info@spcawestchester.org with questions/concerns.

SPCA of Westchester provides a low cost Simpson Clinic.

Cody’s Clinic

The SPCA stands firm in its belief that the spaying and neutering of all dogs and cats is essential to alleviate the tragic consequences of unwanted animals. Since establishing our clinic in 1983, we have spayed/neutered more than 70,000 dogs and cats, successfully reducing the number of homeless animals in our area.

CLINIC (914) 941-2896 ext. 110

Through Cody’s Clinic, the SPCA offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, examinations, vaccinations and testing for disease in an effort to help people keep their canine and feline companions healthy. We also we assist local cat rescue organizations and the public by offering spay/neuter surgeries to feral cats through our Trap/Neuter/Return program every Monday, by appointment only. To learn more about Feral Cat Trap/Neuter/Return please click here.

Please note, we do not treat sick or injured animals-all services provided through our Clinic are by appointment only.

Before visiting our SPCA clinic you will need to complete and submit the appropriate forms a minimum of 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Forms can be emailed to Clinic@spcawestchester.org or faxed to (914) 762-8312 or mailed to our address. If emailed, forms must be attached as documents in word or pdf format and not inserted into the body of the email. A Pain Medication form is required for all spay and neuter appointments. Please be sure to read the Covid-19 disclaimer thoroughly-disclaimers can be found at the end of each form. If you have any questions please call our Clinic. Thank you.

CLINIC SURGERY PRICES/SPAY & NEUTER (Tuesdays and Wednesdays Only, by Appointment)

*Pets must be 6 months of age or older

Dog Spay:  1-50 lbs  $300
Dog Spay:  51-75 lbs  $325
Dog Spay:  75-100 lbs  $375
Dog Spay:  100+ lbs  $450
Dog Neuter:  1-50 lbs  $250
Dog Neuter:  51-75 lbs  $275
Dog Neuter:  75-100 lbs  $300
Dog Neuter: 100+ lbs  $375

Cat Spay:  $200 
Cat Neuter:  $150
Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR):  $60-$70 (includes ear notch and rabies vaccine)

Dog Pain Medication $25; Dog E-Collar $15; Cat E-Collar $10

WELLNESS SERVICES (Thursdays Only, by Appointment)

Physical Exam $35 (Mandatory for all animals)

Canine Vaccines:

DHPP (distemper):  $30
Rabies:  $30
Bordetella (kennel cough):  $30
Lyme:  $45
Lepto:  $35
Canine Influenza:  $45

Feline Vaccines:

FVRCP:  $30
FELV:  $40
Rabies:  $30

Other Services for Dogs/Cats:

Deworming for dogs (strongid):  $15
Deworming for cats (profender):  $20-$35
Microchip:  $35
Nail Trim:  $15 for cats/$20 for dogs
Anal Glads:  $25
Earmite (1x) Treatment:  $20-$30


Fecal/Giardia Test:  $40
4DX Heartworm/Lyme/E Canis Blood Test:  $45
FELV/FIV Test:  $55
Preop CBC:  $60
Vetscreen CBC:  $155
Senior Profile:  $225
Urinalysis:   $65
Bartonella Test:  $70
Accuplex:  $45