Below are just a few of the countless happy tails made possible through the support of our generous donors.

Daredevil and QueenE
In February 2023, our Humane Law Enforcement Unit seized 151 sick cats after police discovered them inside a home where the owners had recently passed away, pictured below. After successfully rescuing all the cats, they were rushed back to the SPCA for emergency medical care. All of the cats were suffering with upper respiratory, eye and skin infections, malnutrition, dehydration, and sadly, some had more severe injuries that required immediate medical attention and surgery.

Daredevil and QueenE, below, are two of the rescued cats. Both had severe eye infections that resulted in Daredevil needing surgery to remove both eyes and QueenE having one eye removed. Post-surgery they became fast friends and then the most wonderful couple adopted them, together! They now have their own Instagram account which shows how they are thriving and living their best lives.

Three month old Wheatley, below, was dumped outside an animal hospital in the middle of the night. When he arrived at our Rescue Center, our veterinarian detected an abnormally fast heart flutter. We quickly sent Wheatley to a cardiology specialist who diagnosed him with Pulmonary Valve Stenosis, a rare heart valve disease. Through the generous support of hundreds of donors to our Mend a Friend Fund, we were able to provide him with lifesaving heart surgery. Wheatley recovered in the care of a wonderful foster home and now has a beloved forever family who adores him.

Brought to our Rescue Center after being abandoned at the Animal Care Center of New York City, our veterinarian discovered that Carmella had a cancerous tumor that required immediate surgery. She also suffered from severe separation anxiety: She’d clearly been overbred and never had a stable home life. After recovering from surgery, receiving months of rehabilitation and LOTS of TLC, Carmella found her loving, forever home as this photo shows.

Just Incredible
A stray from Peekskill, Just Incredible was rushed to the SPCA after being found lethargic and alone on the street. This sweet senior cat was likely abandoned when his former owner(s) discovered that he’s FIV+ and requires special food for digestive issues. Due to these “complications,” he was sadly passed over time and time again by adopters until a kind family came along looking to adopt a cat who was having a more difficult time finding a home. He is now living a wonderful life and has his very own two-legged brother.