The SPCA will only be open from 2pm-4pm on Saturday, May 18th due to our Dog Walk and Pet Fair event!

Adopt a Senior Cat!

Senior cats are often overlooked by potential adopters who think that rescuing a senior animal means dealing with more health issues, more medical bills, and more stress on their time.

But in reality, adopting an older cat can be very rewarding! On Sundays throughout September all of our senior cats age 10+ will have their adoption fees waived. Visit the SPCA to meet our eligible cats or email kasey@spcawestchester.org for more information.

Five Reasons You Should Adopt a Senior Cat: 

  1. They are usually very well trained, and they’ve already had their “wild” phase — meaning they’ll be less likely to run away or get into trouble outside the house.
  2. They’re low-maintenance and won’t require as much attention as a kitten or young adult cat would when it comes to playtime, and training.
  3. Their personalities have already been formed, so you’ll know exactly what kind of cat you’re getting
  4. Indoor cats can live 15-20 years. Adopting a senior kitty means they’ll still have lots of love to give!
  5. You’ll be giving a cat that is often overlooked a chance at a happy life.

Adopting a senior cat is a win-win situation. An older cat’s life is just as precious as a kitten’s. By welcoming a senior cat into your life, you’ll be giving him or her the loving, caring home they deserve…and they’ll be forever grateful.