Lonely Hearts

This Valentine’s Day our long-term residents need some extra love while they patiently wait to meet their special someone.

Your gift today will support animals like our cover girl Brooklyn, who could really use some help from Cupid.

When we saw Brooklyn, a 10-year-old pit bull, on the urgent list of a local municipal shelter, our hearts sank. We knew her chances of getting rescued or adopted were dwindling and quickly responded to their plea.

Upon arrival at the SPCA, it was apparent that Brooklyn had been used for excessive breeding and may have recently given birth–something no older dog should have to endure. Sadly, our veterinarian also diagnosed her with cancer.

This sweet senior is desperate to find a home to spend her golden years in. Until then, she will remain a part of our SPCA family and receive the love and care she needs, thanks to you. Brooklyn is also eligible for permanent foster. This means we will handle her medical care at no cost through our Cody’s Clinic while you provide this special girl with a foster home.