Adoption walk-ins are welcome but please note, appointments will receive priority. Email info@spcawestchester.org for details.

SPCA of Westchester provides volunteer pet therapy.

Golden Outreach Pet Therapy

For over 30 years, SPCA volunteers have been taking specially trained SPCA dogs and canine companions to various health care facilities, bringing people and animals together to combat loneliness and isolation. This program benefits not only the people with whom we visit, but also the the rescue animals who receive special training and extra socialization before being admitted to the program. 

We visit numerous healthcare facilities every week and have 50 volunteer/dog teams who take part in this special program. If you are looking to have your own dog be a part of Golden Outreach, we will set up an appointment for your dog to meet our trainer to ensure he or she is a good fit. If you don’t have a dog or one that is a good fit for the program, you can still take part by bringing an SPCA dog.

The SPCA has temporarily suspended our Pet Therapy Program due to Covid-19. Please check back in January 2022 for updates. Thank you for understanding!