Adoptions are by appointment only. Please email info@spcawestchester.org with any questions.

It’s difficult to find the words to convey how truly grateful we are to our incredible SPCA friends for giving so generously in support of Mary Dee. Thanks to you, this sweet senior is receiving the love, veterinary treatment and care she deserves, something she was sadly denied for far too long in her past life.

Your emails of concern and well wishes for Mary Dee reminded us how lucky we are to be surrounded by such an amazing community of animal lovers who are always there for us.

We are happy to report that Mary Dee is in a wonderful foster home and is all personality now that she’s feeling better, which is evident in the video below. She is loving all the attention that she’s getting from her foster mom…and treats!

Mary Dee is her new foster home!

Thanks to your support, Mary Dee underwent surgery last week to remove the painful mammary tumor her former owner had sadly neglected. She also received a much-needed dental as many of her teeth were broken and infected. Afterwards, her tumor was biopsied and further x-rays were taken.

Unfortunately, we received the news soon after that Mary Dee has cancer. We will continue to monitor her lungs for evidence of metastasis as a suspicious spot was also seen on her x-rays. We always have to look for the silver lining in these types of cases. The good news is that Mary Dee is thriving now that’s she’s had surgery. She’s no longer in pain and is receiving the proper medications and care she needs. We will do everything possible to keep her happy and comfortable for whatever time she has left.

Mary Dee has so much joy and love to share and we are hopeful someone will come forward to adopt this special girl. If you’re interested in potentially welcoming Mary Dee into your home, please complete an application here and email it to trainer@spcawestchester.org

Thank you once again for enabling the SPCA to get Mary Dee the urgent surgery and on-going veterinary care she needs.  Because of your support, her future will be filled with love and kindness, with the SPCA by her side.

Support Mary Dee and others like her through our Mend a Friend Fund.

Mary Dee, a 10-year-old pit bull mix was found wandering the streets of Ossining, confused and alone. Rushed to the SPCA’s veterinary clinic by a Good Samaritan, it was painfully obvious that she’d been severely neglected and bred many, many times over the years.  Most heartbreaking was how sad and defeated she looked. Mary Dee had given up hope.

Not only were her nails extremely overgrown, and her paw pads badly torn up, she was suffering from a high fever and dehydration. Mary Dee was so weak she could barely sit upright for more than a minute at a time. Most alarming was a softball sized partially ruptured mammary tumor hanging from her chest that must have been causing immense pain.

After a few days of iv fluids, antibiotics, pain medication, and round the clock care from the SPCA’s Veterinary team, Mary Dee began to perk up and started walking. We even saw a few tail wags, which everyone celebrated. But this is only the beginning of Mary Dee’s journey, which is why she needs your help.

Now that Mary Dee is stable enough for surgery, her tumor urgently needs to be removed and biopsied. This will be a long and in-depth surgery because of its size.  Please consider a gift towards Mary Dee’s medical fund. Your donation will support her surgery and future care.

Because of supporters like you, we can be here for the animals in our community who depend on us for survival. We don’t know what the results will be after Mary Dee’s surgery, but she deserves to have a chance at a happy life during her golden years.

On behalf of Mary Dee and everyone at the SPCA, thank you in advance for your love and support.