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While photos like this are hard to look at, it’s because of your love and support that we’re able to rescue dogs like Coco, who endured years of severe neglect.

The SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Unit was recently contacted about an alarming situation involving a sweet senior poodle mix who was so matted, with nails so overgrown, she could barley move. When our officers visited Coco’s former home, they were shocked at the conditions. Poor Coco had never been bathed or groomed and was living in filth. She was immediately seized and rushed to the SPCA.

Your kind support this #GivingTuesday will help Coco and animals like her who are in dire need of rescue and TLC. 

Coco was shaking upon arrival. Every touch caused her pain as she had hundreds of knots pulling tightly on her skin. As scared and stressed as she was, Coco sat patiently for over 2 hours while multiple veterinary staff shaved off her dirty, matted hair.

As the pounds of hair fell to the floor, Coco started to perk up and was slowly beginning to resemble a dog again. Her paw pads and skin were extremely sensitive so we carefully gave her a medicated bath to help relieve some of her pain and started her on antibiotics as she had infected hot spots all over her body. We also discovered that Coco had a fractured leg that was never properly treated, causing her a permanent limp.

It breaks our hearts that Coco likely never felt a loving, kind touch until now, but with your support this #GivingTuesday, Coco, and so many others, will receive the urgent medical care they need and a future filled with endless belly rubs and snuggles.

P.S. And remember, all gifts will be matched up to $25,000 thanks to our generous friends at Rock a Soft Place Studio!